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Type of Spins in Table Tennis Table Sport

Table Tennis Table is a recreational sport where players used different kind of advanced techniques to make game most pleasant and stimulating. In this game, the objective of player is to hit the ball using tennis racket with the help of different speed, strokes and spins to earn more point from his opponent.

Type of Spin: When a player add spin onto the ball, causes major changes in table tennis table game play. In this sport four types of spins exist:

1. Backspin

2. Topspin

3. Sidespin

4. Corkspin

Backspin: It exists where the bottom half of the ball is rotating away from the player and it is conveyed by striking the base of the ball with a downward movement. The best way to use backspin is with the defensive stroke to keep the ball low. When a short shot is served, it is harder to produce an offensive return; in that condition backspin is used. Because of starting lift of the ball, there is a limit on how much speed with which one can hit the ball without missing the opponent’s side of the table. When an opponent receive a ball with backspin, it is harder to return the ball with great speed because of required angular precision of the return. The only way to return the backspin is to use the smash drive but the condition is the ball must be on height and close to the net.

Topspin: This has a smaller influence on the first part of the ball curve and axis of spin remains roughly perpendicular to the trajectory of the ball and consequently permits for the Magnus Effect to state the succeeding curvature. After that the ball dips downwards as it approaches towards the opposing side before bouncing. After bounce, the top will accelerate the ball in the same way as wheel. The most changes appears when the opponent tries to make a return to the ball and due to topspin, the ball jumps upward and the opponent enforced to reimburse the ball by adjusting the angle of racket and this situation is known as “Closing the Racket”. The speed limitation of topspin is minor as compared to the backspin stroke. This technique is mostly used in various competitions because it gives less time to opponent for responding.

Sidespin: In this spin the contact angle of racket can be easily varied. It causes the ball to spin on an axis which is vertical rather than horizontal and the axis of rotation is roughly perpendicular to the trajectory of the ball. In this situation, the Magnus Effect will dictate the curvature of the ball to some degree. The sidespin has very less effect on the bounce of the ball as in the same way that a spinning top would not travel left or right if its axis of rotation were exactly vertical. To use sidespin in the game is very useful technique because it is less easily recognized when bouncing and the ball loses less spin on the bounce. Sidespin is mostly used in offensive strokes and often from a great distance as an addition to topspin and backspin, this kind of strokes are known as Hook.

Corkspin: It occurs in a unique situation in which the axis of spin is more or less parallel to the trajectory of ball and thus the Magnus Effect has little or no effect on the trajectory of ball. The best part about this spin is it can be used with defensive strokes lob at the professional level. After bounce, the ball will run right or left depending on the direction of the spin that makes opponent to return the ball. This type of spin produces obnoxious effect and it is not as practical as sidespin or backspin. When the initial direction change and then bouncing, provided that it does not exceed the reach of opponent and the ball is easily countered with backspin and topspin.

If players use all these spins while playing table tennis table sport professionally, they would definitely be winner and remember that you would learn all these skills by just doing practice, practice and more practice.
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