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Why Vinex Table Tennis Table ?

Top 10 players of Table Tennis Table Sport

Table Tennis Table is a sport usually plays as indoor game on a hard table divided by net where two or four players hit a ball using TT bat. This is the game considered as the most popular all around the world and played on competition level and entertainment level as well.

Table Tennis Sport is played in 215 countries all around the world like 47 in Africa Region, 45 in Asia Region, 57 in Europe Region, 5 in North America and 24 in Oceania. World Top 10 Countries of table tennis sports are China, Hungary, Japan, Czech Republic, Romania, UK, Sweden, USA, Australia, Germany and many more.

Top 10 Players all around the world:

  • MA Long (China)
  • Boll Timo (Germany)
  • Wang Hao (China)
  • MA Lin (China)
  • Zhang Jike (China)
  • Wang Liqin (China)
  • Samsonov Vladimir (Belarus)
  • Mizutani Jun (Japan)
  • Xu Xin (China)
  • JOO Se Hyuk (Korea)

Top 10 Players in India:

  • Achanta Sharath Kamal
  • Anthony Amalraj
  • Ghosh Soumyajit
  • Das Mouma
  • Ghatak Poulomi
  • Das Ankita
  • SAHA Subhajit
  • KUMARESAN Shamini
  • Batra Manika
  • PATKAR Madhurika
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