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List of All Table Tennis Sports Federations Accross the World

Table Tennis Table is a sport played as professionally in various competitions. For this players need to know different rules and regulation to play TT Table sport. To organize and manage the Table Tennis Sport various federations are found worldwide as well as region wise. 

The list of Table Tennis Federation is as following:

International Table Tennis Federation: Table Tennis Table Sport is oversees by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) and it is considered as the governing body for all international table tennis association. The main role of ITTF is to organize the rules and regulations and searching time to time technical improvements for tt table sports. It is completely responsible to organize several international competitions.

After some time the ITTF has given membership according to some region and these are called as the Continental Federation. These include African Table Tennis Federation, Asian Table Tennis Federation, European Table Tennis Federation, Latin American Table Tennis Federation, Northern American Table Tennis Federation and Oceania Table Tennis Federation.

African Table Tennis Federation: ITTF has given the authority for African Region to regulate the table tennis game in African Countries by making African Table Tennis Federation. In ATTF, total 48 members are included according to different African Countries.

Asian Table Tennis Federation: ATTU (Asian Table Tennis Union) is an Asian table tennis governing body declared by ITTF and currently it has 44 members associated with this according to different Asian Countries region. Some region wise Table Tennis events are completely sanctioned by ATTU or ATTU region groups.

European Table Tennis Federation: European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) is considered as the highest authority’s body of regulating of Table Tennis in Europe declared by ITTF. It has 56 member associations according to the European Countries. The main responsibilities of this federation are to control and organize competitions in European Region.

Latin American Table Tennis Federation: This LATTU (Latin American Table Tennis Union) is known as the most famous continental federation of table tennis recognized by ITTF. The LATTU has 37 member associations according to the region working on the development and competitions of table tennis in Latin America.

Northern American Table Tennis Federation: The Northern American Table Tennis Union (NATTU) is the governing body of table tennis sport in Northern American region declared by ITTF. NATTU has 4 members associated to improve popularity and development of table tennis sport in Northern American region.

Oceania Table Tennis Federation: The OTTF is the continental federation declared by ITTF. It is considered as the governing body of table tennis sports in Oceania region. This federation has 24 affiliated members associated to regulate and organize the table tennis sport in Oceania region.

In this way, the table tennis sport is organized by these region wise federations all around the world. The main work of these federation unions is to improve the popularity of table tennis sport as well as regulate the competitions of TT Table game.

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