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Why Vinex Table Tennis Table ?

Equipment Needed to Play TT Table Sport

Equipment Needed to Play TT Table Sport

Table Tennis is a kind of indoor sport played on a hard table divided by a net where the objective of players is to hit a hollow ball with the help of tennis racket. In earlier of 1900’s this game was played as an after dinner parlour game in England, it was played on a dining table divided by a row of books and two books are used as to hit a golf ball.

Equipment Needed to Play Table Tennis Sport:

1. Table Tennis Table

2. Table Tennis Ball

3. Table Tennis Bat / Racket

4. Table Tennis Net with Net Stand

Table Tennis Table: The dimension of table is 2.74 m long, 1.52 m wide and 76 cm height. Its upper surface is made of hardboard or using timber which is layered with a smooth low friction coating to yield a uniform bounce of 23 cm when a ball is dropped from 30 cm height. The surface of table is divided into two parts by a 15.25 cm high net. According to the international specification the table surface must be in green or blue color and with a white side line which is 2 cm wide along with 2.74 m edge and 1.52 m edge.

Table Tennis Ball: According to the international rules, the weight of the ball is 2.7 gm and 40 mm diameter. It must be as that when the ball is dropped from the height of 30.5 cm it should bounce up 24-26 cm. The ball is made of high bouncing air filled celluloid or similar plastic material with a matte finish. It must be available in either white or orange color. Stars on the ball indicate the quality of the ball and three stars indicate the highest quality and it is used in official competitions.

Table Tennis Bat / Racket: TT Bat is made of laminated wooden covered with rubber on one or two sides depending on the grip of the player. The wooden portion called the Blade must be one and seven plies of wood and at least 85% of the blade by thickness must be of natural wood. The average size of blade is about 6.5 inches long and 6 inches wide. International Specification allows using different surfaces on each side of the racket to control various level of spin and speed according to the players. It must be available in red or black color.

Table Tennis Net with Net Stand: According to the official rules, the complete system must consist net, its suspension, supporting posts and the clamps attaching them to the table. The net should be suspended by a cord attached at each end to an upright post and the outside limits of the post being 15.25 cm outside the side line. The top of the net along its length should be 15.25 cm above from the playing surface and the bottom of the net along with its length should be as closed as possible to the playing surface and ends of the net stand should be as close as to the supporting posts.

The table tennis game is played using all these equipment. But remember that the dimension of equipment must be as same as the international standard to experience more enthusiasm, fun and feel like playing or practicing for the competitions. In competitions and tournaments, all equipment used are of same dimension.

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