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Why Vinex Table Tennis Table ?

TT Table Standard Size and Specifications

TT Table Standard Size and Specifications

Table Tennis is a kind of indoor sport where two or four players played on a hard table called Table Tennis Table which is divided by a net called TT Net. In this game the main objective of players is to hit a hollow ball called tt ball in back and forth using bat called tt racket. All these equipment used in this game are made as per international standard specified by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).


Standard Size and Specification of Table Tennis Table: According to the International Table Tennis Federation the dimension of table must as following:


1. Width: 1.5 m

2. Length: 2.7 m

3. Height: 75 cm


  • The table must be made of Masonite; it is a kind of hardboard or using timber.
  • It is layered with a smooth, low friction coating to yield a uniform bounce of 23cm when a ball dropped from 30cm height.
  • The table surface must be in green or blue color with a white side line which is 2cm along with its width and length.
  • The table or playing surface is divided in to two halves using 15.25cm high net.

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